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Not Even Once

We hear this growing up
not knowing what to expect
we get this saying and an explanation
but do things full of regret

We try our best as kids
our minds full of dreams
our hearts full of love
Life is initially great, or so it seams

But as we get older,
our minds start to become subject
to many things of the world
like media, society, and the even the drug called Meth

As soon as you know it
your dreams disappear
and all your life goals
aren't anywhere near

Yeah we live in Hawaii
Away from the rest
The best place for locals,
but to Meth its a nest.

This virus is spreading
through our homeland it ignites
Worst part is,
Its winning without a fight

It takes control of our brain,
and leaves us messed up, or dead
This after one-time use drug
gets into our head.

It takes away our mana
It makes us Hawaiians weak
we need to become one,
and stand up on our feet.

Resist the use of Meth,
fight off this virus infection,
invading our home, our land, our people
and be free from this one-time hit injection.

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