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I said I'm going to only use once

My name is Lea and I'm 16 years old. When I was 15 my best friend kept talking about and doing meth around me and one day I decided to try it and I told her I'm going to only use one time and that's it. When I lit up that pipe and that first bowl I smoked I got addicted to it and my life was Meth. From that point on I did meth and only meth and I stole money from my parents after I ran out, and I started doing credit card fraud to get money for drugs, and I started buying pipes for the drug from my mom's bank card. My life was a living hell I didn't know how to stop I knew I was going to die my heart would beat so fast I thought at any moment it's going to stop. The sad thing is I knew my consequences of the drug life and I kept doing it because I couldn't stop. I lost my dad to meth and I kept his pattern. After hitting rock bottom my parents took me to sober living where I moved out with another girl trying to stay sober and me and that girl stayed sober together for 6 months then on her 6th month she went and started using meth again and she offered me some and asked me to relapse with her and yes, I said I will, just this one time and stop. I did that after 6 months of pain and hard work to be sober, and all the thousands that my parents spent for me went down the toilet. So as of right now I'm starting a new battle to become sober and not relapse twice. I can honestly say that meth is a fight for your life when you're on it you want to quit and you want to get better but you can't. My point of this story is to those people who are reading now and having thoughts of just using meth once: DON'T DO IT no body and I mean nobody uses meth just once so if u haven't started please don't start because no one seems to understand what that life is all about and I can tell you that your god under that drug is the devil that's who you are worshiping by using Meth.

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