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I never thought I would do Meth

How can I put this, I never thought I would do Meth to be honest I never even heard of it until it was placed in front of me in a glass pipe while a girl started her lighter and began rolling the pipe back and forth she looked at me and that was the signal to hit it, a delicious haunting taste filled my lungs, and the feeling was even greater and even more haunting then i could explain. That was the last day i was myself, after that my life went downhill, any lie i could say i would, any dime i could take it was mine, and anyone in my way was left behind. Not too long after i learned of this "magical" drug i learned a new way to take it, right through my veins and that was a piece of cake for me, the feeling was so unexplainable i always went back for more, I lost 9 months of my life, i destroyed 9 months of my family, friends and loved ones lives. The doctors restarted my heart twice, TWICE? Me? I died two times, GOD SAVED ME TWO TIMES, after that my eyes were open, and since they’ve been open I’ve been clean, i thank God everyday for that, and i thank God everyday for the strength he has given me. I AM RACHEL AND METH DID NOT TAKE ME.

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