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My big brother

This story isn't all about me. It is about my brother too. He was my role model. He was daring and didn't care about if he lived or if he died. His friends loved me and we partied every week but one day he changed. My big brother robbed a dispensary and he never would do that. Later that month in school my brother's best friend said "do you know whats up with your brother?" I said "no why?" He said he's doing that crazy drug meth. Right then my heart dropped. My mom and I confronted him and he admitted. A few months past and he hadn't showered and the door to his room was locked. In an instant I broke down the door and found him. He didn't overdose but he was sleeping dead asleep he looked like he hadn't slept in a year. I then found a bag that had little crystals and he then exploded knowing I took it. Every since then he hasn't been the same. He opened up to me sometimes saying how he feels when he shot up and showed me his marks and we cried and hugged each other. I then was sorry for him, but then all of a sudden my money, all the money I saved since preschool, was gone along with expensive rings. I then asked if he had it and he said no but then I called my mom crying and she had called him and he exploded. He tried getting in my room and was cussing and screaming. I guess you can say I've never seen him like this.. later on that week I told my mom that I was gonna move in with my grandma because I'm tired of living this life. As she went to the bathroom I went upstairs with her boyfriend and I heard my brother screaming and pretty soon he had threw my mom on the floor and punched her. As I ran upstairs me and him got into it and he punched many holes and then ran out saying he was gonna hang himself. He broke our glass and that was on thanksgiving eve. A little more than three weeks pasted with no contact I was looking for my.ps3 and I couldn't find it. My mom's bluetooth speaker was missing. He had stole it. As we were at McDonald's he walked to the car crying and begging to come home. I didn't want him to so he didn't. He was then staying in another house, a party house and was trying to shot it in his neck. We were scared. As far as Thursday he went to detox but signed himself out. And til this day he wants to go but he never tries. I miss my brother but the worst drug took him and I hate that. I hope someday he'll overcome this......

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