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The beginning of my end

I started using meth everyday in 2012 after losing my job of 5 years. What had started as just a once a year habit, then to twice a month, and then every weekend, before i blinked i was waking up every day needing to smoke a bowl before i could even function. 2 years later my life had totally changed. My drama filled life in a nutshell since my habit took over is depressing. I've lost 2 apartments, 3 cars, all my friends, most of my family. I only see my 2 kids once a week (used to have them a week at a time), had 1 miscarriage, 1 abortion and the last baby i had in 2013 i put up for adoption because by that time i already knew i was a junkie and i would be cruel and selfish to think i would be a good parent. It wasn't long after that pregnancy that i went from smoking meth to injecting. I've been to jail now 4 times and I've gone through 4 heartbreaking relationships and i now am so severely addicted that I'm afraid it's going to kill me. If you're on the fence about using. ...dont! It does ruin your life.

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