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dope show

first time i heard about meth i was like 23 i believe, i used to hang put with some skaters and punk rockers, we used to drink a lot and some of my friends used drugs, i always said "drugs are for weak people" then one day my best friend at that time introduced me to meth. At first it was just at the punk shows, and suddenly i was doing meth almost everyday, i started to rob and i sold my video games and other stuff i used to cherish, when i was waiting for the dealer i used to feel such a rush of adrenaline, i felt excited and happy, almost lost my college studies, and i was always paranoid. i did not trust my family, my mom and my sisters were scared of me, i sat on the darkness just staring at the door. i met a girl and i felt in love so i started to walk away from these friends, and i got a job on the forest (i have studied enviromental engeenering) and i got clean while i was there, but as soon as i came back to the city i went through the same stuff. i have been there a lot of times, always saying "i won't do meth anymore" and i always fall back on meth use, even after i got married. i use sometimes that drug, then my son was born and i swore i wouldn't do meth again, so i went again to work at the forest but now for more time, and right after i came back i get a new job, now i've been sober for a long time, and i'm planning to stay this way. i dont talk to those friends anymore, sometimes it is very hard, there are some days that i'm so desperate for the drug, there are days i even want to cry because i feel the need of get high, somedays i even miss the paranoia and i want to make a call to those old "friends" who were with me just when i had money to buy drug, but i dont want my son watch me on these stuff, i regret so much that one night that i went out to drink beers i tried that stuff

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