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I said yes

I used to be a good kid. I never did anything illegal. Never took any kind of illegal substance. Then one night my friend convinced me to smoke weed, and I did. I love feeling so mellowed out, like nothing could phase me in that moment. I began smoking weed every single day for 5 months straight. Almost 7 months after he got me smoking weed, he asked me if I wanted something that would make me feel even better. Of course, I said yes. That one yes ruined my life. He got a light bulb out of his bag, and said to close my eyes and put my mouth on the straw, He wouldn't let me stop inhaling until my face was basically purple and blue. When I stopped and exhaled, I experienced the best moment of my entire life until that point. It was amazing. I felt like I could do anything. Soon after, I stopped smoking weed and only smoked dope. Again, soon after, smoking dope wasn't enough. I wasn't getting high enough. I started snorting AND smoking at the same time. It was a nice high for a while, but once again; it wasn't getting me high enough anymore. Finally, almost 4 months ago, I started shooting up methamphetamine.

Let me tell you, it ruins your life. It steals your soul and you won't ever get it back. I have track marks ALL over my hands, legs, feet, wrists. Anywhere there is a visible vein I have tried to hit it. I get judged every single day of my life, and I can't whine because I brought it on myself. I was shooting up so often I couldn't move my fingers or arms. Or my legs.

I'm still addicted to meth, but I try my hardest everyday not to smoke as much as the last.

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