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My poem about my addiction: wasted youth

The pic w/ glasses was two months before diving into my addiction- the rest are all within the first five months. it is/was killing me and its time to get back in control.

Wasted Youth Whispering demons of the dark, Won't you learn that you cannot fright- The self-destructive souls whom choose to be lost? We feed on harming ourselves- No matter the costs- All in hopes of one day numbing the pain. To us, life truly is just a game. The rules are made w/ the intentions of them being bent. They're as useless as the majority of our time spent- Watching walls melt and chasing highs- Wasting away our youth as away the time flies. Repeatedly we promise that tomorrow will be a new day- Filled w/ new beginnings and changed ways. Although are dreams are big and our intentions good, Our path may sway, but when it begins to storm, it doesn't go as it should. We can't toss all that we know to the side, 'Cus w/ the comedown comes everything that we try so hard to hide. As far as we can from reality we'll run until we're left grasping for air. Our loved ones ponder why we turned back or if we ever care. They don't understand that we're broken and fallen apart. From our ruler, our controller, we'll never depart. The true demons, you see, exist inside of you and deep within me, But still i'll break the curse, and set myself free. With my back to the world and chin held high, Bravely i'll bid you demons a solemn goodbye. -Tori 18 yr old Poet.

Save yourself the pain, don't try meth. It'll eat, not only you alive, but your family's hearts as well.

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