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Just This Once

Ignite the flame,
and light it up.
You suck it in,
your mind erupts.

Body has lightened,
eyes getting wider.
This trip is a coaster,
you're the front-row rider.

Feeling the bass.
Oh, wait. That's your heart.
You'd never expect
that it's only the start.

Your senses are sharper,
in addition to motion.
"This couldn't be right."
Hey, that's all just a notion.

Aggression is deepened,
withal emotions grow bold.
You're losing control,
you're losing your hold.

This is all unexpected.
They said it was but pure.
The monster still caught me,
it was not but a lure.

Sanity once possessed,
it was gone with the wind.
My life as I knew it,
reached a rather blunt end.

We think, "Just this once,"
and it becomes a grand lie.
A lifetime hunting more,
we're just waiting to die.

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