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I love my daddy

My dad and mom got divorced and I live with my mom but my dad has ALWAYS been there for me... He's done a variety of drugs that I never knew about till last year when he went to prison for making, selling, and doing meth.. I became depressed because my daddy and bestfriend was gone. I couldn't see him. He was supposed to get out of prison at the end of 2013 but they pushed it back until the end of 2015. I hate cops but I'm also semi glad he went to prison because I want my daddy to get better. I'm a freshman in highschool and everyday I think about him and how kids at my school are so lucky but I know kids go through this everyday and it gets easier let me promise you that. I just pray everyday that he will get better and I will see him again. Before he went to prison I noticed him acting different but I honestly blamed myself, still do. It's not my fault, it's his. I have to know that, he made his own decisions not me. Whatever drug it is, it's bad for you. I just hope whoever else is going through this that it WILL get better and you have so many people that will help you through with it. My dad is great and I know he can achieve whatever he wants too if he would just try. Anything is possible if you just believe and never give up... so that's what I do day to day. Believe and never give up that he will get better, this will get better. Life isn't fair, and life is hard but that's what growing up is about... you have to face hard struggles to get stronger and in the long run it WILL help you. I really hope this helped anyone out there who is reading this. Stay strong because someone out there loves you and wants to see you smile.<333 :)

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