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my father is a meth abuser

This is my story about my father who has been a meth addict for the past 5 years. Growing up I was a very spoiled child, I got whatever I wanted because my dad had an incredible job and he made lots of money. Everything was going really well. In third and fourth grade my father's behavior was strange. He would stay up until 5am playing loud music. This wasn't my dad. He wasn't a real big fan of rap. It was odd, I had never seen my father clean every 5 minutes and "fix" everything. He had recently lost his job due to an angry outburst at work. My mother got a job and she was doing really well until one day my father was very high and he decided to call her job and cuss out her boss and get her fired. The reason he did this is still unknown to me. I figured out in fourth grade my dad was smoking meth. He would be gone for days and days with the car and we would have no food, even at times he wouldn't pay the electricity bill so we would have 0 food, 0 money and no car. He had a major porn addiction then and still does until this day. He started to abuse my mother mentally, physically and emotionally. He still does emotionally and mentally abuse her. A couple of years ago when I turned 14 my father had woken up and got mad at my mother for no reason. He hit her over and over again and eventually brought it out into the yard and he grabbed the side railing from the porch and hit my mom luckily with the side without the nails. Someone had called the police on him and he was arrested. My mother, brother, sister and I were all living in a house his sisters' son gave him. They decided to kick us out through the courts and we ended up homeless. We ended up living in the homeless shelter for a couple of weeks and then got put into a apartment building made for homeless/people in poverty. We only had to pay 100 dollars a month which was nice. The building was extremely unfair and chose favorites and we were kicked out in about 6 months. The lady who owned the place thought my mom was a liar and many more untrue things. My mom found us a apartment and it was small but it was a really nice little place. We lived there for a while and I started to come out of depression, it was great. I would go on walks, hang out with some friends, I even got a dog. Sadly we didn't have the money for rent. That day my mom was very sick and we were probably going to have to take her to the emergency room. The reason we were getting kicked out was because my father got out of prison and my mom let him back. We ended up living at my dads' mom's house (my grandmothers) and I must admit, my dad was normal and stayed clean for the year we lived there. He got a job and would stay away for like a month harvesting at farms. We made money and I started to be happy once again. Eventually we found a house. Currently we are all living here. Its a small house but its okay. My dad is back into drugs and thinks my mom is cheating on him. He has an obsession with porn and blows all of our money. He goes for days and days which is okay sometimes because we now have two vehicles. He thinks people hack into his phone and today he was going to go to the neighbor's and ask why they were hacking his phone. Isn't that pathetic? He weighs less then me and I am a 16 year old boy. Please never do drugs. It tears people apart.

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