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saving my friend

I visited my friends house one night.And she was texting me so no one would know.She was asking me if i ever have done any drugs.I wanted to be more then friends for a while so i said i did.she said cool.i didn't realize that she wanted me to do anything.so she said she wanted to show me something,i didn't know that she wanted to do meth.i said to her that i needed a second before i did it.i didn't know what to do i didn't want to screw up my life but i didn't want her to think less of me.so i made a decision to tell an adult i felt like i was about to jump out of a helicopter.but i finally did it.after her family went and talked to her they said i needed to too.i felt like i had wrote my own death.i made another tough decision and went to talk to her.i found out she wasn't mad (or so she said) .but we talked for hours i told her i cared about her to much for her to screw her life up.we hugged and i told her if she ever needed to talk she could text me. I'm Atkin G and i liked her and didn't want her to mess up.

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