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it can happen to anyone

I was the basketball star of my high school girls basketball, woman were waiting for me to graduate to play with them. my parents provided well for me. never drank or smoked. i earned everything. volunteered with kids, parents loved me, and i loved my life. i went to college to play basketball, hand money in my pocket always. then i got mixed up in the wrong crowd. i gave in to peer pressure and my very first hit of meth i was inlove. i stopped calling my parents until i was broke.i lost my relationship because i stopped caring. i got into my first car wreck with my new car. i lost my love for basketball. i lost everything with in weeks. i hurt my family and friends and almost died. i used for 8-9 month and thats all it took. Meth chewed me up and spit me out. my roommates finally told my mother what i was doing and i hit rock bottom. i tried quitting but the nightmares and the other withdrawls i couldnt take it anymore then drove me to use again to make them stop. my mom flew down to my school and help my hand to rehab. but, when she came to see me i used, the first time i see my mom in months i was High and ill never forget the look in her face. she brought me to rehab against my will. when she dropped me off i didnt even care, i had no faith it would help. then, i changed m mind and decided i needed the help to protect my family. so after rehab i stayed clean for the sake of my family. then at the 3 month milestone i figured out i needed to stay clean for myself. on the 5th of december i will be clean for 19 months. it isnt easy, i really do take it day by day.but, i am a much more stronger and better person once i made the Choice to do it for myself. the strength i have and support from family and friends is Amazing. and helps so much. i think god everyday for giving me a second chance and blessing me with what i have now. I am loving my life and refuse to look back. i have a new outlook on life and i want to help other people who have been in my shoes.You reading this know someone who needs the help all you can do is support them in their road to recovery and those who are reading this and want the help, i know you can do it, ive been there and i know you can do it. Be strong and i know you can beat the statistics!

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