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Claiming people were going to kill them

My mom was addicted to meth for an on and off again period of 3 years. She looked terrible, and had sores allover her arms and face. She would make it while we were in the same house, and she claimed people were trying to kill her and my dad, and dropped us off at my grandparents, saying I would never see them again. I was taught how to make it, and what to do to get what you need, and told so many stories about that dark time. Meth ruined my mom's mouth, and she ended up having her whole top row of teeth pulled. Meth tore my family apart, and I've seen first hand what it does to people. I was 8-11 during this time, and I am now 19. My mom has been sober off meth for 7 years, and 5 days. I am so incredibly proud of her. People would never guess this about my past. I had it rough, she was into selling other drugs, too, and in and out of jail/rehab. Luckily, I have a happy ending. My mom has been completely sober for over a year, and is now a certified peer counselor, for other drug addicts and kids with behavorial problems. I am proud to tell her story and educate other people about what it's like. Don't do it, it will destroy you and rob you of everything you have. It's no joke.

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