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The Dark Side

Cold sweats Shaking hands Your heart beats so fast you can see it threw your chest

Then that light starts to fade much too fast I don't have to tell you, you know what's coming next

You can feel the dark creeping to the pit of your core You cry out in fear god there has to be more

Next thing you know you can't get up from the floor Arms start getting numb you no longer see anymore

Next comes the panic cause you've got nothin left Hands shaking and trembling what will you do next

Make your way to the toilet your dry heaving on the floor Haven't eaten in weeks food makes you sick you just want more

You crawl to your stash and find just a dime left You pack it and smoke it until you catch your breath

And oh very slowly you can feel the high Not as good as the last one but you gotta keep trying

Before you know it the lights fading again Each time it comes faster you know you never will win

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