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I'm not going to lose you.

"Hey guys, i'm going to go out tonight with Marie. Her friend invited her and me to a party and i'm going to go with her. I'll be back soon!" This was what my mother used to say when she would go out at night. She would take long showers, and then do her make up. Her favorite lip stick was from the mac store. It was bright red. She would apply the lip stick, put on a dress, and leave into the night. At first, she would leave at around 11 and come home at around 2 or 3. Then we started to see a change in her pattern. She no longer was going out with "Marie." She was now going out with her co worker "Desiree." She story changed, and so did her behavior. She was now leaving at around 8, and coming back home at around 5 or 6 in the morning. On weekends she would come back home at around 8 or nine in the morning. Was she seeing someone? Was she doing drugs? Was she prostituting herself? My sister and I would always ask ourselves these questions. She then started leaving without telling us where she was going. My sister couldnt sleep at night because she was so worried about my mother. Btw, I am currently 17, and my sister just turned 21. My sister eventually confronted my mother, and (as usual) they got into arguments. My mother would say that "I have every right to do what I please. I am your mother. Don't worry what the f*** I do. You are not my mother. My parents never let me do anything as a child, and neither did your father. I'm doing what I want now." She sounds like a real charmer, right? Soon, the arguments got worse, and physical fighting would be involved. I had to split my sister and my mom up. Horrible things were said. My mother soon began asking me about drugs. "Do you have any friends that do meth? Like what are the side effects?" Yes, my mother was asking me this. I wanted to smack her right then and there. I laughed and said "b**** you better not be doing drugs!" Yes, I told my mother that. I'm a horrible son, I know... I could care less about what you think. Anyways, She kept asking me stupid questions about certain terms that are used for drugs. My sister and I finally yelled at her, and she lashed out at my sister and hit her. She told my sister and I "You kids drive me fing insane! You are leaving my house and moving to your dads. I don't have to tolerate your s. Get the f*** out!" I grabbed my mothers hand, and threw her to the floor. I had enough of her physical and verbal abuse. She starts crying, and tells us that she tried killing herself. Then the moment of truth occurred. She says " I have been using meth, speed, marijuana, and I started smoking cigarettes." My sister and I were speechless, but we assumed that she had been using. Her car smelled like smoke, and she would leave her windows down, and spray perfume so we didn't "suspect" anything. She also started buying lots of water, and stopped eating. My sister and I just stared at her, and then I said, "we know you were ding drugs." She laughed, wiped her tears and then said "I was just kidding." She walked out of her room, went into hers, and locked the door. I think he told us the truth out of frustration. I don't know if her new friends pressured her to try these drugs, or if it was some man that made her try it. She is on several apps, such as "skout," where she is trying to find men. It is ridiculous how she puts herself out there for the world to see. She is making herself look foolish and dumb. She tells my sister all of her sexual encounters. She once told me that a 26 year old co worker told her that he is interested in her. She told me about this, and said that she was interested. The conversations that she has with my sister and I are completely inappropriate. She has no shame. If you are still reading this story, I applaud you. Anyways, I spoke to my family members ( aunt,uncle, and grandparents,) and we are going to have an intervention. I hope things get better.

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