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look....Im 43 yrs old and Im tired of hearing all you wimpy ass folks whine and cry bout how you are addicted to this bullshit!!!!!Meth is made up of garbage .....how the hell can you be so weak as to THINK that you are addicted to garbage? Are you also addicted to self destruction???....really? I mean hell if ya put as much effort into stayin clean as you do chasing this crap down....or finding the ingredients to make it.....then you will find the way out!!!! Play like Nike ....and just do it!!!..........GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES AND FIGHT IT..FUCK IT FLUSH IT ! JUST RESIST IT!!!!! Go listen to some Haystak and .....do what you have to but get away from it.change your number.change your friends.change your enviroment! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CHANGE YOURSELF!!!!!.......Do yourself a favor.go look in the mirror.................dont you miss the person that you use to see when you stood there lookn at cha self?cause i promise....your friends and family do. all you gotta do is learn to live again......cause on meth you are walkin dead.....and dont even know it.

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