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Fiancee addicted

My fiancée has been addicted to meth since the age of 15 he is now 27. He had two years clean and then relapsed now he uses daily. This has torn our engagement, lives and family apart. He cannot stop and since he also has mental health issues the problems are escalating. Because his family is Asian the mother continually enables him to use by providing him a safe place but it always endangers their lives. I have had to remove myself and play tough love which makes me the hated one by him, I do love him and it hurts me to see him dying right before my eyes but he does not see it. His delusions grow use, his threats of violence against the government of us that his dealers will shoot us have forced me into a safe place. I have placed him on multiple 5150 psych holds yet he always talks his way out after a few days and the system lets him right back out again. He doesn't just fail himself, the system also fails him. Severe meth addiction needs at minimum a one year locked psych facility where they do not have access to the drugs, the dealers and they can learn how to deal with all the issues in life and return eventually to the community healed and in recovery, these unfortunately are very hard to come by for triple diagnosis people who have medical, mental health and substance abuse. My heart is so heavy as I watch him wither away and my beyond frustrated hands are tied. At night I lay in bed and just cry my heart is so heavy, he refuses my help any help and thinks his life is ok when the reality is he is dying before our very eyes.

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