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my story of recovery

I started using meth in high school trying to be cool. My best friend and I used it together we skipped school just to get high. It changed my life so much i dropped out of school lost contact with all the people that meant everything to me . My best friend started dating aforty year old man just to get us the drug. I would spend night out in motels with her getting wasted . I left myh mom on mothers day just to get high. I lost so much weight. Lost my boy friend of four years .Even lost my teeth I now have false teeth . Eveything that was important to me went down the drain . I lost my job . Ran up bills almost went to jail . I stole from friends and family I did everything I could just to get that high. I hit rock botttom . I one day woke up and said I am going to change my life. Well that same day my best friend went to prison for cutting a mans throat over the drug and robbing her aunts house. It was the day I woke up and realized things had to change. I am now a mother of a wonderful two year old and have a wonderful husband . I work full time got my ged and I am doing . Som uch better with out the drug . It was the hardest and darkest time in my life but I am now a recovered addict who only lives with my regrets.

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