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only took 2 days

My mother offered me to snort some meth with her. I thought "this will help me lose weight." I didn't know the facts about it at all. My mom had been addicted to it for 2 years and had a high tolerance. I jumped in and started doing as much as she was doing right away. I only did it for 8 days. But two days was all it took. I was addicted. I was already trying to sell everything that I owned that was of value just to buy some. I thought it was just because I was dedicated to lose weight. After I came on this sight and learned the facts I immediately stopped and stayed with my grandma so I wouldn't be tempted. It took about 4 days for the effects to completely wear off and I felt like myself again but the damage I'd done; it was too late. Only 8 days but it felt like I'd messed up my whole life.

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