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from meth to oxycotin

my story is of overcoming meth ,once others said I was the worst meth case they had ever seen ,loss of marriage job and family ,after several attempts at treatment I was brought to treatment in shackles ,and decided I had to do this for me in order to help others ,the path is hard ,I gave up all people who were part of the drug world ,met a amazing wife and had 11 children ,now 20 years later most that were with me in that life are passed ,incarcerated or close to ,it was the right choice ,now after practicing nursing for well over a decade ,I was injured ,how easy after becoming disabled was it to be without debilitating pain with prescribed oxycotin ,deciding that the sideeffects ,the life and pain medicine reached its peak ,I am now off the medicine once again waking up to a new physical addiction,having deciding with Dr support to stop the medicine to do alternative injections and surgery ,it is all worth it ,the pain is still there but allows me to know I'm alive ,allows me to focus on family and attempt to raise a family with limited resources ,but at the end of the day with withdrawls I have something to be thankful for

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