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The 10 year gap

I'm 25 years old with a heart full of gold on a lonely road. Ill keep my reference material straight to the point honest and hope like hell that something may it home with someone who truly Is in search for who they use to be. Meth aint no place for kids. Anyone for that matter. When all is said and done.. IF you make it out t alive depending on the circumstances that YOU put your self in.. Prepare yourself to a long road. Old habits die hard. If y ou want your life back.. if you want to recognize yourself again, wake up with purpose. Turn your pain into strength. All the unans damn ==wered questions will eventually disappear. If you realapse... dont guilt trip yourself. DO THA damn thing, and keep going. Don't look back. Remember to give TIME some TIME. You don't owe anyone an explanation, you owe it to yourself and your family so prosevere. and most importantly, if you don't know now ya know 'YOU HAVE %100 control over your thoughts. Be mindful. I DONT care how it sounds.. you must everymorning thank god for wakingup another day sober, take a few deep breaths.. look around the room, notice colors;shapes;sounds;how you feel. This is nothing more thn being aware, NO ROOOM for error; ive use intraviiously for 4 years now and mixed with my very nature to exert myself because I'm stubborn,,,, everyday I get that nitty gritty f$%# this s&^% I'm going to get a qrt ounce because I'm tire of being broke.. well don't work like that with most us, The occasional man you see walking down the street.. who just looks like hes all in, and just had it. I don't care who you are or where you come from. THAT COULD BE YOU. I truly believe that at one point or another during your addiction, most of you may have wondered if you were going through some time of spiritual warfare?? email me if you care for me to elaborate, but the quick fix for that is, when you live right, things go right, We have a fatal attraction to the one thing that amplifies every problem we have x 10000. Anyone reading this... I don't care if you did 12 in the pen... are in legal issues as a result now.. just got hooked...still in denial... I have one thing to say to you. YOU ARE FUCKING WORTH IT. Show those people.bounce back. Your not alone.

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