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the biggest gamble you'll ever make.

I am warning anybody who is curious about this drug, It is a complete gamble with the devil. You trade in not only your looks, your wealth, and your sense of self, you'll never be able to live the same way again after trying this poison, the addiction seems to never end, one moment you will find yourself a week sober the next minute trying to buy some crystals and starting the nightmare all over again. The high is simply put, false hapiness in every sense, your body will feel great and your mind will feel sharp, but high's don't last forever, and when you're coming down off this stuff it is like hell on earth, you'll feel as if the real you inside is trapped and meth becomes a habit you just can't seem to shake off. You can find this stuff almost anywhere too and that's what scares me the most, people who I would never even expect to do something like Ice have ended up all becoming what has become a horrifying epidemic in my area, the best thing to do is to NEVER TRY IT, I know some of you have a burning curiousity but I can't stress enough that once you try Ice it might never let you go...

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