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Crystal Clear Confusion

I'll tell you a story,it's filled with delusion
surrounded by darkness, called crystal clear confusion
Living to die, while dying to live.
Seeking a light only He could give.
Lonely and lost while he fought for my soul,
I hid in the darkness loading my bowl.
Feeding me lies through a needle and pipe,
the enemy held me and said it would all be alright
Succumb by dasrkness- secluded delusion
And so continued my crystal clear confusion
Running and running with no light to see
never realizing the life he planned for me
Surrounded by darkness, despair and seclusion
and so continued my crystal clear confusion.
Nothing's the same- I don't wanna be here
Succumb to this dark, empty life I now fear.
someone help me, show me the way!
somebody help me! ill die if I stay
And so it came, a light to see-
My Savior came to rescue me!
Now I shine for all to see-
Christ Jesus my Savior has set me free.
Surrounded by love and its not an elusion
Christ Jesus set me free from my Crystal Clear confusion!!

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