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my son took his own life

Cameron Cody Jones, age 20, had been battling a meth addiction for over 2 years. He would go for months and then relapse. No insurance, no rehab. No money, no rehab. No status, no rehab. Nothing but mental institution (twice) with medication and nothing to actually help. Went to hospital on his own on October 24, 2015, got admitted with diagnosis being psychosis. They kept him for eight (8) days, sent him home with no medication, but they did give him a prescription. (They knew he had no insurance, no money, but they gave him a script that was going to cost $205.00 for the generic for a 30-day supply. We could not get this filled because we have no money.) The discharge papers said he was not dangerous to himself or others. - On the evening of November 4, 2015, he went outside and sat himself on fire. He was left with third degree burns over 90% of his body and fourth degree burns on his chest and back. He survived in a medically induced coma until November 21, 2015 when his heart stopped beating. - Where are addicts that want to get clean suppose to go??? We would like to start a foundation that will give them somewhere to go and actually get rehab for an extended period of time. Two to three months is NOT enough time for someone addicted to meth. Meth is unlike any other drug people!!!! Get a clue!!! We need people to get together and get these addicts that want to get clean the TRUE help they need. Getting off meth is unlike any other drug!! People are not educated! I can say this because we were not educated on the side effects of getting off meth. We had to live it day to day, watching our once intelligent son slowly lose his mind. He literally lost his mind the first month he came off. To this day, if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. Hindsight, wishing we had taken video to share and show the TRUE effects this stuff had on our precious child. - I will never understand why he thought setting himself on fire was the way to end his mental suffering, but he did. I will never know why he wanted to take his life, but he did. I will never get to do anything with him again. Nothing. Life as we know it will never be the same. --- I pray God will give us the knowledge and the direction to get a foundation going to help others that are dealing with the issue of meth abuse. I pray God will give strength to the addict getting off and strength to the families that are the silent victims of the drug. May God help us all. --- May my beloved, precious son, Cameron Cody Jones, rest in peace until the day of Christ's return. I miss him every day and will love him with every ounce of my being until I also shall rest. --- Thanks for listening.

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