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Meth changes you

I am a drug addict. Trying to recover from meth I started doing meth when I was 15 after my mom past I felt lost. Months after she died I found myself face to face with it and I wanted the pain to go away so I took that first hit n slowly I found myself doing it daily I ended up living at random peoples house to get high n slowly after that I ended up on the streets waiting for just one hit. The down effect of meth is so bad I mean I wish I never started .but when I hit 17 I started to steel from people not giving a care who I hurt I mean I even hurt my dad. And the trips just got worse at first it was fun but now I look back at it. I cry cause that's not me. But now I am 18 now n the thing that I used to feel nothing. N be happy but now it just makes me feel 10x worse then when I started the memory slowly come back n brakes me cause that's not me all I can say is not even once it destroys your dreams your goals your life.

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