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Skylars flight; a blog

“My name is Skylar. I am an addict who suffers and an escort who hustles. But I am a dreamer who dreams of the day when I look in the mirror and no longer see a lost and a sad man; whose out of his mind, no, he is out of this world and not to return. Instead I see a man who has strength and he has courage. I dream of the day when there is no more pain in my eyes and even if there were you wouldn’t notice; cause all you would see is that I’m smiling, smiling for no other reason than because I’m happy and because I want to.”

I have an amazing story that is worth hearing. I believe my story can offer hope to others that there is a way out. I am really trying to get the word out about my new blog because I know It can help others. Please check out my blog and follow my story if you would like, get the word out about SKYLARS FLIGHT. Find my blog @ skylarsflight.blog.com

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