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I began using out of curiousity. My boyfriend,his friends and their girlfriends all did it.I was the only one who didnt so I always felt like I wasnt on the same level. It always seemed like they were always more outgoing and had a lot more energy than I.Well one morning I was getting ready to do laundry and noticed my boyfriends pipe had fallen out of his jeans pocket.I began thinking to myself, i should take a hit just to see how Id feel hoping I wouldnt have a bad trip.I didnt seem to feel anything so I took another, and another.I finally told myself, ok so when am I gonna feel the affect. Anyways, I told my boyfriend I found his pipe in the dirty laundry and went to give it back to him. He looked at it then looked at me in a strange way. Then he noticed the puddle was less than what it had earlier.I told him I dont know what happened to it. Well surprisingly he figured he musta thought wrong. Boy was I relieved. I remember that night, I could not sleep. I didnt know why, I got up at 2 am and went to wash my car not thinking it wasnt normal. We got into a big argument and he said "why are you acting like youre all high, what you took somr hits off the pipe didnt you?" I couldnt lie so i said i was curious so i meant to take just one but didnt frrl shit so i took two more. To my surprise he just laughed and said come on ill turn you on. We were smoking practically every day.Also had the greatest sex ever. As the months went by we started having financial problems.We were behind on the rent and barely had enough to pay the biils. My borrowed mpney from my parents for the rent but instead we bought 2 balls and thought we could make the money back.Yeah right. My boyfriend gave his friend the money up front coz he had to get it from someone else.The guy returned with 1 ball and said wed have to wait to get the other one.We figured oh okay. So we smoked about a half gram since wed still be able to make the money back because we were still waiting for the other ball. After waiting most of the night we called his friend and found out he got arrested for burglery.We got nothing and didnt have enough to make the money for the rent.We ended up behind on the rent and eventually lost the place.to make matters worst, he lost his job cause he got caught smoking on the job.There was no way I could support the two of us on my income especially now that we were both smoking. Everything seemed to be getting worse, a lot of our arguments were all about dope and he started getting abusive with me. He ended up screwing around so we broke up.A few months later I found out he was in prison for assault and burglery.Even though we broke up, i still kept smoking and I knew he wold be too.

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