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To My Daughter

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my very beautiful, smart, funny, incredibly talented and sweet daughter.

This year I will pray for you every day that this will be the year that the horrible evil monster of addiction sets you free once and for all, after so many years of having you chained and locked to it, I will pray that it will finally allow you the freedom to get to know yourself without its evilness dictating your actions and life choices. It has had you since you were 15, I pray it will let you go now.

This year I will pray for you everyday that you meet the man of your dreams, he who treats you like the good person and woman you are and sees you as the beautiful person you really are, and you create a union with this man like you have never had, a real man who will take care of you, make you feel beautiful and secure, who you know in your heart will never betray you and you will have the ability and love enough for him that you will do the same without even trying and hey, maybe even start a family.

I will pray for you everyday that you launch the most successful practice that you never thought you would be able to achieve, one that helps women physically and spiritually by enhancing their physical looks while, at the same time addresses them spiritually Because you have the wisdom to know how very difficult it is being a woman in this world. We are treated like meat, we cannot have flaws, we always have someone younger, more beautiful, more successful ready to step in our shoes and run away with our lives. You will provide a safe haven for women to come to to reiterate their self worth and love for themselves because you know how it feels...

I will pray everyday that you gain complete certainty of yourself, become happy with who you are, secure in your abilities and most of all trust yourself, and always know the right thing to do. You will never again resort to self degradation to achieve attention from the wrong people. I will pray that you will treat yourself with the same amount of respect and kindness that you treat your best friends...

I will pray every...single...day.

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