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Always overcast

Clouds raining down, raining down until I drown, wash away this awful place, this waste of Space, an ugly face, I hope I pray. Why must I chase it feels like a race, I'm stuck in last place, stuck in a washed out wasted mess. Smashed and crumbled remnants of everything I had given, I now hold tight, as I reconcile with what is dead and lost, what once was is no more, and never will be never more. The end is close, I can feel it's gross clammy hands tightening their grip upon my throat, letting me know I never really was in control. Scraping at my face and regret spooning from my soul, I know it's time, you chose my time to go. I let Out one last cry for Lost intentions and missed connections, with lungs that have grown weak. This was my choice, my choice to buy into her lie, to let her make me weak.

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