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I've been clean for two months now, I know that's not saying much, but for me it is. I was a very heavy user and was willing to do whatever it took just to feel the instant paralyzing effects of the meth as it rushed through my veins every couple of hours, even if it meant losing my life. So this past spring 2014 I experienced the sweet rush of shooting up...I know right, what's so sweet about it? I used to be the guy who bad-talked people who shot up and I swore I would never do it. Never say never. I found myself doing it and let me tell you, it's a long way to hell. I lost my job and shortly my apartment several months later. On a daily fight for survival, which in my eyes was to get high, I was getting in trouble with the law and taking risks. I went to jail for the first time, I can honestly look back and laugh because I know that's not my life. I'm 23 and graduated college. I made the decision to get sober after i had made a terrible decision to steal $9000 of meth. I know, crazy decision. On meth you're invincible. The retaliation that was brought about almost took my life and its crazy because not many people can say they were held hostage for over a week, nearly beat to death and live to tell the story. If i heard that, i'd think it was a lie. that stuff only happens in movies but i can actually say it happened to me. To be honest i probably wouldn't even share that much if it already hadn't been on every news line in CO "Court Doc: Women who rammed police vehicle watched as man is pistol whipped"

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