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Join the New Montana Meth Project Teen Advisory Council

Each year, a dozen teens from both public and private high schools, work together to help prevent Meth use in their community while building organizational and leadership skills.

Responsibilities include:

  • Recruit other teen volunteers
  • Identify opportunities for school or community education
  • Coordinate two school or community events per school year (this may include school presentations, assemblies, lunchtime activities, contests or art displays/performances to increase awareness about Meth)
  • Provide input to the Montana Meth Project on its media campaign and social media strategy


2014 Teen Advisory Council

teencouncilimg2013 Taylor Johnson - Senior
Stephanie Woodland - Sophomore
Kolette Balsam - Sophomore
Erica Alfiero - Freshman (College)
John Knisely - Senior
Michael Gulledge - Senior
Curtis Liston - Senior
Erin Opitz - Senior
Charlotte Ostermiller - Senior
Savannah Ganieahy - Junior
Raean Jessen - Sophomore
Coral Bouchard - Junior
Kelsy Burns - Junior