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U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discover 237 pounds of Methamphetamine in fuel tank

December 23, 2016: It was concealed inside the auxiliary fuel tank of the pickup he was driving.

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U.S. Border Patrol Agent in San Diego Charged with Bribery for Running Methamphetamine and Drugs

December 16, 2016: He was charged Thursday with bribery for allegedly accepting $10,000 to deliver backpacks of what he believed to be smuggled methamphetamine...

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Methamphetamine problem once again soars across Minnesota

December 15, 2015: Just 5 years ago it seemed to be a problem that was diminishing. But today, the use of Meth and the number of arrests are once again soaring across Minnesota.

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Paint the state

Meth Prevention Lesson

This standard-based lesson leverages MethProject.org and provides teachers with engaging, easy-to-use materials to lead a 45-minute class.


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